Sustainably on summit course

Coaching is not the same as solution consulting. Our coaching gives impetus to discover new ways and to make the decision for the right path. This is more sustainable than any advice given. You will achieve greater clarity and find a new awareness independently.

We offer reflection and resonance as a signpost on your inner map:
In confidential individual coaching for managers and in the living project for project managers.

Use our competence as coaches and systemic consultants, coupled with years of leadership and project experience for your personal development:

  From real life
  always on the specific case
  with respect and appreciation


Our coaching is aimed at achieving clarity for you. Regardless if it is about clarifying your role, the context, your responsibility or your tasks and targets: Only those who see clear can be effective for themselves and their environment. In the course, we guide you by asking the right questions so that you can change your point of view. We call for concretion and give you feedback for your reflection. This will help you with a targeted approach to your core issues. Our guiding star is quality efficiency, to achieve the greatest benefit from intensive coaching rounds for you.