If all else fails…

The importance of IT increases through increase in use of technologies and through digitization.

A sudden failure in your IT organization can quickly become mission critical.

As interim department manager or CIO we bridge your vacancies quickly, reliably and with great intuition and skills formed from our expertise in management, IT and industry.

Our focus is to continue IT operations smoothly and efficiently and to provide the necessary further development.


We have seen it in our internal leadership role and consulting engagements: Whether it is the integration of works councils, the negotiation of IT budgets, the positioning of IT in the company, dealing with political situations, chronic overbooking of your IT resources, negotiating and escalation with service providers, or the buck that's constantly floating over your head when deadlines are threatened constantly...


Benefit from our experience and decision-making and management skills.

We come with the claim to quickly take over the helm to bridge the management gap reliably and quickly to operate with your management team in solidarity on the common path.

The ultimate goal is to take your employees along, to secure their performance and to motivate them. Here, you will benefit from our leadership and coaching experience. At the end of the interim activities we will introduce our successors professionally. We document the essential points efficiently and give them the soft facts confidentially.

You need fast and pragmatic support to compensate for the gaps in your IT organization? Contact us.