Suet-Mui Plückthun

Industry experience

As a native of Hong Kong, China, Suet-Mui Plückthun has retail, so to speak, running through her veins. For almost 30 years she has worked as a consultant and project manager for retail clients.


Stations in retail as a project manager and consultant at Metro, Spar, Kaufhof, Karstadt, QTC, Hertie, EDEKA, Kaufland and HUGO BOSS, and on the supply side as head Store Solutions and Enterprise Integration with Itellium for Karstadt, Kaufhaus Ahrens and Grand Vision.

Project management style

Identification with the project. Consistent focus on the overall goal and the upcoming milestones, that’s her attitude. It has formed, inter alia, as a project manager during the design of several individual store retailing software products and in numerous POS implementation projects. In addition, the independent consultant is a convinced advocate of efficient business processes and clearly structured requirements. She developed this in various projects like new store retailing software and during process design work as part of a SAP retail implementation and during the creation of a requirements management at Karstadt, Hertie and Kaufland.

Her passion for people is based on the beliefs and experience that they need to be “picked up”. Therefore it is of great concern to her to create the conditions in the project and to create a culture of humane and responsible work.