Our Customers


phase5it consultants are outstanding in terms of moderation and ensuring a productive and interdepartmental working atmosphere. They help us with their good understanding of the process and a clear orientation to formulate our complex business requirements quickly and accurately, so that they meet the technical requirements for the development. Hence, we achieve excellent results and gain speed and quality, contributing significantly to the success of Digital Retail at HUGO BOSS.


With Daniel Schmälzle I had a competent consultant and coach who has all the qualifications to help me on: industry experience, long-standing sales expertise coupled with enthusiasm and the right intuition in dealing with people. Daniel Schmälzle lived up to my expectations of professional coaching hundred percent and I have enjoyed the cooperation to the fullest.

Wolf Lingerie

In line with a PLM implementation, Wolf Lingerie contracted phase5it to support Wolf in their project management. phase5it has proven to be a reliable, solid and committed partner with a very strong result-orientation. We have fully benefited from phase5it's experience, the expertise and the pragmatism, which has enabled us to meet deadlines and save time and effort. Thanks to their knowledge of the textile industry, suppliers and new technologies, phase5it is an ideal sparring partner in project management. During the entire project, phase5it ensured an approach at eye level and understood our needs very quickly and perfectly.